ANP Ep SUPER 69 Pt 1 – Simon Wright – Simon Says News

Our Australian podcasting friend Simon Wright dropped by to share his experiences in life and perspectives on strange human beliefs. His show is on Spreaker (link below) and has gone through several manifestations, the latest being co-hosted by personalities emerging from Simon’s own dark mind! It’s a fun time!

Download Ep ***69*** part 1


Simon Says on Facebook:

Simon on Twitter:
Simon’s Podcast:

Simon Wright’s Podcast Lyrics (Gilligan’s Island)

Just Sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
In which we take no shit
That started in Australia
Which is our planet’s tit.

Simon was a Quran mocking man,
and Baza no one’s fool,
Four bastards set sail each day
To call out manure, without the demure.

The climate started getting dumb,
Middle fingers getting tossed,
Simon Wright told the fucking PC cops
That they could all get lost, they could all get lost.

The podcast set down on the toes of whiners as they cried,
Shouting Fuck off!
And get bent too,
Suck me cock and go die!
So terrorists,
bleeding hearts and Islamists
All fear Simon Says podcast!

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Video version of our Interview with author Karen Garst

Author Karen Garst joins us to discuss leaving faith communities/religion and her book discussing a number of women from a variety of backgrounds who did so. The audio version is still coming, we’re just running behind 😦


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Harris Vs Hitchens: Single Issue Voter Anthem (Music)

Harris ventured to argue that Hitchens would probably vote for Hillary Clinton this recent US Presidential election and pivoted on the idea any rational person could not be a single issue voter. Here is a response.

Download Harris Vs Hitchens MP3


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ANP Ep 68: Anton A Hill – The Vertical Slice

Anton Hill is back again as our guest after more than 3 years!! He’s continued to develop new ideas both as a writer and a YouTube content creator, now largely revolving around the gaming industry and art scenes. Our discussion goes various philosophical places but I strongly suggest checking out his work linked below. He still asks direct and earnest questions only now it’s often towards game designers and artists!

Download Ep 68


Anton’s writing:



Vertical Slice (and more) on YouTube:

Support him on Patreon:

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ANP Ep 67 – Ethan Ralph: The Ralph Retort Takes No Prisoners

This episode we talk with a rolling stone in the alternate media (increasingly our only hope with stories the mainstream works to bury) Ethan Ralph of The Ralph Retort. This conversation was recorded two nights before the US election so you can check out our abilities to foresee the outcome! Ethan is a bright mind and never afraid to be considered controversial. Whether having security called for no particular reason on hi by Brianna Wu or banging the drum of gamergate he has that instinct of a journalist to go where the story is unfolding.

Download Ep 67


Ethan’s site:

On Twitter:



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Smash and Dragon Ramble – How Hitchens voted

This is a new video series of our ramblings on our YouTube channel:


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ANP Ep 66: Ed Clint – Evolutionary Psychology, Final Answer

Ed Clint came by to fill us in on some skeptical perspectives and, of course, the field of evolutionary psychology! He is a solid mind on a host of issues and, though respectful collected, doesn’t shy away from pointing out some potentially unpopular facts. Lots of good in here!

Download Ep 66


Ed’s blog, Incredulous, at Skeptic Ink:



Book, 13 Reasons To Doubt, by Ed and other Skeptic Ink contributors:


Apostasy Now YouTube channel:

Smashlock’s channel:

Dragonbeard’s channel:

Free song in my intro:

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ANP Ep 65 – Smash & Dragon Ride Again!

Just your friendly neighbourhood podcasting duo back for a chat about our thoughts on the social landscape and what we’re up to these days. Remember that disagreement is welcome and you can contact us any time. We love you all, kisses kisses!

Download Ep 65


Our YouTube channel:

Smashlock’s YouTube channel:

Dragonbeard’s YouTube channel:

Our Facebookery:


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Apostasy Now Ep 64: Dion McNeil – Devil’s Advocate of Skepticism Deals with SJWs

Dion McNeil is a fascinating new challenger of political correctness and social justice turned pathological. His own background as a feminist and SJW has made him unapologetic when he clarifies why these movements often do the very harmful things they believe they oppose. As a black American he is raising the alarm about the hate stirred up by Black Lives Matter and, as with his objections to feminism and social justice reeducation classes, he exposes their flaws with evidence and logic. Check his YouTube and other links below!

Download Ep 64

ANP Ep64 - Dion McNeil - Devils Advocate

Dion’s Devils Advocate (Formerly Phalanx Unhinged) YouTube Channel:






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ANP Ep 63: Pooroldkilgore – Hot, Smart Woman Not Buying Social Justice

Pooroldkilgore is a fairly new YouTuber but has a knack for triggering overly emotional ideologues that want to speak for her. She has a sex positive attitude, believes in evidence and logic over feelings, and loves being a fan girl of Powerpuff Girls (and much more). Listen to what she has to say and how well she articulates for herself, almost as if women can be self sufficient individuals, and then check out her great YouTube channel. Links below.

Download Ep 63

ANP Ep 63 - Pooroldkilgore

Kilgore on YouTube:

On Twitter


Intro Background music

End music

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