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Apostasy Now EP 76 – COVID Apocalypse Special!

Smashlock and Dragonbeard come out of retirement on the eve of humanities destruction. Recorded May 3rd this talk is about the COVID hysteria as the more recent riots hadn’t even hit yet! Intro music – “12 monkeys beat MPC1000 cut”

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ANP Ep 55 – Fede A: Thinking It Through

Fede likes to break down ideas and arguments to see if they really make sense, and then pop it up on YouTube for our consideration. We had a great chat about all of those things most people try not to

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MrDragonbeard and His Daughter Create A Song Together!

Anja is really into Ninjago, a really great Lego children’s program, so I helped her put a song together about why she likes it. She’s such a cutie. Download “Anja’s True Potential”  

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MrDragonbeard’s Gift Intro for Anton A Hill’s Atheist Edited Show!

Intro: Anton’s Channel:

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MrDragonbeard’s First Storify: Gawker Editor Goes Full Troll

//[View the story “Gawker Editor Goes Full Troll” on Storify]

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Anton A Hill’s blog post about our visit. Check out his ongoing guests and conversations.

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Next Episode This Week

Some seriously heavy crap delayed our work but episode 4 will be up this week. We talk with The Atheist Asshole: Anton Hill. Freethinker and considered in that freethought

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