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Apostasy Now Ep 49 Part 2: Brian Keith Dalton – The Second Coming!

Rejoice, oh ye listener, for Mr Deity hath returned in the conclusion of our no holds barred talk! Check the links and his great work! Download Ep 49 part 2 Mr Deity webpage: Mr Deity on YouTube: Mr

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Apostasy Now Ep 49 part 1: Brian Keith Dalton – Mr Deity Does Apostasy

Mr Deity is a talented man, or rather Brian Keith Dalton is! He drops by and we talk about his music, videos and perspectives. If you’ve ever wondered his perspectives on disagreements with fellow atheists and how he applies skeptical

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Apostasy Now Ep 48: Justin Trottier – Equality Without The Flim Flam

Justin Trottier joins Smashloc and MrDragonbeard this week to discuss the work he’s involved in to help men and their families with an array of needs generally still ignored. He is the committee chair for the Canadian Centre for Men

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MrDragonbeard and His Daughter Create A Song Together!

Anja is really into Ninjago, a really great Lego children’s program, so I helped her put a song together about why she likes it. She’s such a cutie. Download “Anja’s True Potential”  

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