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Next Episode This Week

Some seriously heavy crap delayed our work but episode 4 will be up this week. We talk with The Atheist Asshole: Anton Hill. Freethinker and considered in that freethought

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Apostasy Now Episode 3: Rape Bad, Reason Good

Mini-sode of The Convention Junkies! While traveling to another convention Matt, Richard, P, and Becky decide to stop for a drink… (Skip to 3:45 if you think the bit sucks) Apostasy Now Podcast Ep3 direct link This week we run

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MrDragonbeard and Smashlock Initial Chat

We introduce Smashlock with a little chat that is all over the board. If you want to get to understand us a bit better this is for you. There is some static I could not remove after something happened to

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MrDragonbeard does the Dumbed Down Atheist

From Australia,  Robert Darby encourages my madness. He’s awesome

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Apostasy Now Episode 2: Tombstone Da Deadman

A feature interview to introduce listeners of every musical taste to Tombstone Da Deadman. He is a talented rap artist, skeptic, free thinker, and more. Stay tuned at the end of the interview for a special track “Death Speaks” and

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