About Us, And What Went So Very Wrong In Our Brain Stuff

You are embarking on a mission of madness. Wonderful madness. Where assumptions be getting bum rushed for straight frontin.

laurel and hardy school

MrDragonbeard and Smashlock; Two bizarre Canadians that respect no ideology, worldview, creed, or CSI episode without some real evidence. We will complain you into a higher state of skepticism until thou ascendeth to the mountaintop of apostasy!

Once our wacky adventures into the back of your once healthy mind begin feel free to listen, comment, or link in anyway you fancy.

After all, the dumber we know we are the better.




Straight out of Ontario! A truck driver with a university education and only a few pesky regrets. Fortunately the years of theatre work has allowed for a total mask of the acute bitterness which allows a clear focus on the podcast. These experiences allowed for a powerful transition from early fundamentalist conservative Christian to liberal spiritual hippie and then to sanity. Question things, follow your doubt, develop effective methods, acquire knowledge, discipline your mind, communicate, challenge flawed conclusions, address destructive beliefs. Truth over loyalty.

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