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Random treasures/junk:

junk lady


Apostasy Now YouTube Channel:

MisterDragonbeard’s YouTube Channel:


Wiggle Out Of It (Dragonbeard’s freestyle rap parody of “Wiggle” but as Deepak Chopra) video

Download Wiggle Out Of It audio or play below:

Download “Our Wounded”, remembering our wounded soldiers and PTSD (Enya’s “Exile” is copyright so no profit use) or play below:

Download Integralmath vs AronRa, the song!  or play it below:


Download Pakman Vs Wu or play it below:



apostasy now pic

Apostasy Now Podcast

MrDragonbeard St Thomas


Crazy white folks, The Searchers-1956

Dragonbeard the Blofeld of Podcasting.jpg

NECSS Board Cones of Silence

This Is Satire Steven

Kilgar statue

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