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Apostasy Now Ep 36: Spencer Lucas – The Non Conference 2015!

Tune in and find out about the 2015 Non Conference from founder and organizer Spencer Lucas. Hopefully a trend setter, Spencer wants to encourage community through discussion about important issues. Like he says, if you want something to change don’t

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Apostasy Now Ep 35: Lee Moore – We Are Atheism

Lee Moore is President of We Are Atheism, a registered charity that allows nonbelievers to put our dollars towards helping those in need. There’s plenty of us who would like to channel our desires to make a difference in this

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Apostasy Now Ep 34: AdeKwit – Rapthematics (The Hip Hopper’s Guide)

AdeKwit drops by to talk to us about his artistic acumen on the new album Rapthematics! He and producer Jay Bee make for a formidable team, their work brings the heart of hip hop beating strong. I love the music

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