Apostasy Now Ep 34: AdeKwit – Rapthematics (The Hip Hopper’s Guide)

AdeKwit drops by to talk to us about his artistic acumen on the new album Rapthematics! He and producer Jay Bee make for a formidable team, their work brings the heart of hip hop beating strong. I love the music and you’ll enjoy listening to AdeKwit explain how he feels about it along with some views on life, skepticism, and where he’s taking his label There It Is Entertainment!

Download Ep 34

AdeKwit & Jay Bee
AdeKwit & Jay Bee

Listen to the tracks or buy your copy at Bandcamp!


Or for iTunes lovers:


Plus you can check Amazon to purchase in your country!

Connect with AdeKwit on his artist page:


AdeKwit on YouTube (where you will find his podcast with Tombstone posted, “Rock with Us”)


Adequate on Twitter:


Buy some sweet threads:


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