Apostasy Now Ep 35: Lee Moore – We Are Atheism

Lee Moore is President of We Are Atheism, a registered charity that allows nonbelievers to put our dollars towards helping those in need. There’s plenty of us who would like to channel our desires to make a difference in this world and We Are Atheism is an excellent way to do it!

As Lee and the board continue to ensure transparency and make any changes needed for honest compliance for this relatively new charity, I invite you to get to know him a bit.

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We Are Atheism
We Are Atheism

We Are Atheism site:


Facebook page:



Lee Moore
Lee Moore

Lee Moore on Twitter:


Lee will be a conference speaker at the 2015 PA State Atheist\Humanist Conference in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, Sept 11 – 13:



Lee responds to concerns about issues from Amanda Brown’s time as president:


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