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Apostasy Now Ep 31: GamerGate Delta Force! – Tombstone, AdeKwit & Jay Ess Take Command

The fourth and final intended episode targeting the GamerGate phenomenon. AdeKwit, Tombstone and Jay Ess storm the beach and lay waste to misconceptions with fully automatic mind bullets. Our discussion moves about and covers a variety of topics both social

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Watch “The Atheist Edited Show with @MrDragonbeard” on YouTube

The Atheist Edited Show with @MrDragonbeard: I was Anton’s first repeat guest 🙂

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Apostasy Now Ep 30: #GamerGate Charlie Team – Four Women That Don’t Play The Damsel

This episode I was fortunate enough to have four ladies join me to offer their perspectives on the turbulent gaming industry. With so many far left cries of white men carrying the #GamerGate flag you might be surprised to find

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