Excellent Podcasts Not By Us


This is an ongoing list of podcasts that we (mostly MrDragonbeard) enjoy. Take a look and try one out, we’re your podcast pushers!

Listed Alphatebicalltialitically:

  • Angry Atheist (site currently down) host Reap Paden – here’s a list with many good episodes in archive. [Reap talks with everyday atheists in free flow conversation]

Angry Atheist Logo

  • Ardent Atheist hosts Emery Emery and Heather Henderson – ardentatheist.com [Emery Emery and Heather Henderson host a live discussion with guests in studio. Lots of wit and naughty language]

  • Brain Science host Ginger Campbell, MD – brainsciencepodcast.com [Campbell dives into the world of the brain sciences and invites us along to learn a bit about neurology]



  • Cognitive Dissonance hosts Cecil and Tom – dissonancepod.com [Two trouble makers that like to run through crazy news about religious nuts and chat with some great guests. Loads of laughs]


  • Monster Talk hosts Blake Smith and Karen Stollznow – monstertalk.skeptic.com [Monsters are usually fiction but tons of fun. Lots of fascinating info on legends of the night]


  • Podcasta Non Grata host Adem Koci – http://www.spreaker.com/user/ademk [Adem’s mind goes free range with creativity. All of his personalities pop in and out. Audio art]

  • The Psych Files host Michael Britt – www.thepsychfiles.com [I looked a long time for good programs on psychology and that are largely comprehensible to nonprofessionals. This is the only podcast I’d recommend. Evidence based and entertaining]

  • The Reality Check (TRC) hosts Adam Gardner, Darren McKee and Pat Roach – www.trcpodcast.com [A great skeptic panel that goes through many misconceptions and highlights evidence as to how we can better understand it. Out of Canada baby!]


  • Simon Says host Simon Wright – www.spreaker.com/user/simon73 [Not for the faint of heart. Simon is brutally honest in his opinions but if you try it you may find you like it. No strict format. Older episodes contain Simon reading through the Quran]

  • Skeptically Yours hosts Heather Henderson and Emery Emery – skepticallyyours.net [Emery and Heather have entertainers, friends, and other fancy birds into their studio for a live talk about an array of issues. Hilariously irreverent]

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