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Apostasy Now Ep 57: Michael Shermer – Skepticism Without A Safespace

Two weeks ago we had the joy of hanging out with Michael Shermer, a very well known advocate of science and skepticism. We asked him about his book The Moral Arc and did a wee bit of stepping on the

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Special: ANP Presents Mykeru’s Rant

It’s time we flat out acted like skeptics and call out SJWs and their identity politics, Mykeru does it so well we decided to share his YouTube rant. Download Special Rant Mykeru’s YouTube Channel: Email: Greydon Square (Episode

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Apostasy Now Ep 56 – Tom & Cecil: Cognitive Dissonance Vs The Dick Joke

Cecil and Tom can find the silver lining in any brain cloud, the bright side to every human stupidity. Hosts of the Cognitive Dissonance Podcast, these two friends toss the lasso of skepticism around the wild stallions of our lower

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Mr Dragonbeard 135 Dumbed Down Atheist Apoc-ast | Dumbed Down Atheist Podcast | Spreaker

MrDragonbeard is invited to chat by Australia’s very own Robert Darby. We have a 3 hour talk about the wide rot in the atheist community by proponents of identity politics.

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ANP Ep 55 – Fede A: Thinking It Through

Fede likes to break down ideas and arguments to see if they really make sense, and then pop it up on YouTube for our consideration. We had a great chat about all of those things most people try not to

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