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Apostasy Now Ep 64: Dion McNeil – Devil’s Advocate of Skepticism Deals with SJWs

Dion McNeil is a fascinating new challenger of political correctness and social justice turned pathological. His own background as a feminist and SJW has made him unapologetic when he clarifies why these movements often do the very harmful things they

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ANP Ep 63: Pooroldkilgore – Hot, Smart Woman Not Buying Social Justice

Pooroldkilgore is a fairly new YouTuber but has a knack for triggering overly emotional ideologues that want to speak for her. She has a sex positive attitude, believes in evidence and logic over feelings, and loves being a fan girl

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Special: ANP Presents Mykeru’s Rant

It’s time we flat out acted like skeptics and call out SJWs and their identity politics, Mykeru does it so well we decided to share his YouTube rant. Download Special Rant Mykeru’s YouTube Channel: Email: Greydon Square (Episode

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ANP Ep 55 – Fede A: Thinking It Through

Fede likes to break down ideas and arguments to see if they really make sense, and then pop it up on YouTube for our consideration. We had a great chat about all of those things most people try not to

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Apostasy Now Ep 47: SubmanUSN – Peace Through Science Mutha Fuckas

Subman crashes and we discuss a bunch of stuff. It is splendid dear listener, splendid! Download Ep 47   Subman on YouTube: Subman’s Blog: Twitter:    

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Apostasy Now Ep 41: Ray or Rizzle Dizzle or Snakepliskinist – Don’t Mince Words

Ray has appeared in various manifestations online always looking for intellectual stimulation and never without a sharp wit. He never sugar coats it, which is so refreshing 😉 Download Ep 41   Ray currently has no place online for you

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Apostasy Now Ep 40: Hangin out with Reap Paden, Anton A Hill and Brian Allen

Just catching up with 3 previous guests/buddies/pals. Trouble making in great quantity! Download Ep 40 Brian Allen: Apartment J Twitter Anton A Hill: Games Experiment Twitter Reap Paden: Reap Sow Radio Twitter

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Pakman vs Wu: Symphony of the Borderline Personality

Late October 2014 David Pakman asks Brianna Wu a few relevant questions on the David Pakman Show. In return Wu introduces David to the fury of the SJW ideologue and gives a crash course demonstration of Borderline Personality Disorder.  

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Apostasy Now Ep 22 – Gamers Immoral Immortal with Brian Allen

Have you heard? Gamers are a bunch of sexist, violent, racist, misogynists! We know despite absolutely no valid research saying so because blah blah blah something something… We have a fun conversation that is properly unfocused. We laugh at trolls,

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