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Apostasy Now Ep 22 – Gamers Immoral Immortal with Brian Allen

Have you heard? Gamers are a bunch of sexist, violent, racist, misogynists! We know despite absolutely no valid research saying so because blah blah blah something something… We have a fun conversation that is properly unfocused. We laugh at trolls,

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Apostasy Now Ep 19b: Podcaster Homies – Dedicated to the Memory of Robin Williams

This episode is dedicated to all of the memories and joy Robin Williams gave us all. Some of our podcaster comrades drop by (several days before Robin Williams died) and just talk. Rap. Chit chat. Robin has a little lesson

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Apostasy Now Ep5: The Brian Allen Visitation

*mp3 file repaired* This week we are witness to the coming of Brian Allen, prolific podcaster and creator of Apartment J Entertainment! This is a podcaster I have enjoyed listening to for some years now and I know you’ll enjoy

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