Apostasy Now Ep 22 – Gamers Immoral Immortal with Brian Allen

Have you heard? Gamers are a bunch of sexist, violent, racist, misogynists! We know despite absolutely no valid research saying so because blah blah blah something something…

We have a fun conversation that is properly unfocused. We laugh at trolls, mock SJWs, decide basement gamers would die in the wild, real dolls are an endless source of jokes, and conjure a new game premise: A fat jedi attacking for food in Walmarts.

[audio http://archive.org/download/ANPEp21GamerImmoralImmortal/ANP%20Ep%2021%20-%20Gamer%20Immoral%20Immortal.mp3]

Download Ep 22

Kissy or punchy?

Kissy or punchy?


Brian’s work:


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