Apostasy Now Ep 23: Davis M J Aurini – Documentary called The Sarkeesian Effect

Davis M J Aurini drops in to talk with us about a documentary he’s working to produce investigating claims by many social justice warriors about and surrounding the gaming industry and the ignored journalistic collusion of editors, reviewers, etc that most of the media is ignoring. Davis is a very intelligent man with a lot of interesting things to say, I’m glad we could have him on. Please check out his links below and if you can’t donate to the cause then pass on this show link to spread the word to others who might!

A special thanks to Anton A Hill (AKA Atheist Asshole) for being a guest host. Dude, you are awesome. Check his links below as well.

[audio http://archive.org/download/ANPEp23DavisMJAurini/ANP%20Ep%2023%20-%20Davis%20M%20J%20Aurini.mp3]

Download ANP Ep 23

Davis M J Aurini

Davis M J Aurini

Davis’ Blog


Davis’ YouTube Channel


Davis’ Twitter @Aurini



Anton’s Site


Anton’s YouTube channel


Anton’s Twitter @antonahill


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