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ANP Ep 68: Anton A Hill – The Vertical Slice

Anton Hill is back again as our guest after more than 3 years!! He’s continued to develop new ideas both as a writer and a YouTube content creator, now largely revolving around the gaming industry and art scenes. Our discussion

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Apostasy Now Live Stream #1

  We’re planning on having an additional live show on YouTube every other week on our YouTube channel. Random assortments of awesome guests to discuss whatever we decide is of interest, usually revolving around current trends and events. Uber funs!

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Apostasy Now Ep 40: Hangin out with Reap Paden, Anton A Hill and Brian Allen

Just catching up with 3 previous guests/buddies/pals. Trouble making in great quantity! Download Ep 40 Brian Allen: Apartment J Twitter Anton A Hill: Games Experiment Twitter Reap Paden: Reap Sow Radio Twitter

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Apostasy Now Ep 27: #GamerGate – Team Alpha

This episode SubMan USN, Terry Sacrey, Anton A Hill, and John Bullock drop by to discuss the social battles surrounding gaming culture. With dubious standards for journalists and publishers alike, and media generally propping up the professional victims, it appears

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Apostasy Now Ep 23: Davis M J Aurini – Documentary called The Sarkeesian Effect

Davis M J Aurini drops in to talk with us about a documentary he’s working to produce investigating claims by many social justice warriors about and surrounding the gaming industry and the ignored journalistic collusion of editors, reviewers, etc that

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Apostasy Now Podcast Ep4: Anton Hill

This week we talk to freethinker and skeptic Anton Hill (aka The Atheist Asshole). Take some time and get to know a brilliant mind you might not have realized was sharing freely online. Apostasy Now Ep4 A

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