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ANP Ep 69 Part 2: Simon Wright – Over The Top In Your Face Down Under

The mucho anticipated finale of Simon Wright’s crash course on all things politically incorrect! Tune in and rip your nob off! (That’s an old radio thing) Download Ep 69 Pt 2 Simon Says on Facebook: Simon on Twitter: @simonwr11951729

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Mr Dragonbeard 135 Dumbed Down Atheist Apoc-ast | Dumbed Down Atheist Podcast | Spreaker

MrDragonbeard is invited to chat by Australia’s very own Robert Darby. We have a 3 hour talk about the wide rot in the atheist community by proponents of identity politics.

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Apostasy Now Live Stream #1

  We’re planning on having an additional live show on YouTube every other week on our YouTube channel. Random assortments of awesome guests to discuss whatever we decide is of interest, usually revolving around current trends and events. Uber funs!

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Robert Darby vs Nev & Jas (the song!)

MrDragonbeard’s unfair re-editing of Robert Darby’s podcast, The Dumbed Down Atheist, as a song! download

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Apostasy Now Ep10 Part 2: Robert Darby’s Lowdown on the Dumb Down

The rest of our talk with a great podcaster from Australia,  Mr Robert Darby. Different thoughts and plenty of humor to enjoy. MrDragonbeard’s little musical tribute sets off the mood with Smashlock co-hosting and Anton A Hill checking in. Download

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Apostasy Now Ep10 Pt1 Robert Darby: Warlord of the Dumbed, Down, and Atheist

The excruciating wait is now over! Apostasy Now hammers back down with a great guest, Robert Darby host of the Dumbed Down Atheist, who will teach us a thing or three. He’s intelligent, funny, and all round awesome, so check

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