Apostasy Now Ep10 Pt1 Robert Darby: Warlord of the Dumbed, Down, and Atheist

The excruciating wait is now over! Apostasy Now hammers back down with a great guest, Robert Darby host of the Dumbed Down Atheist, who will teach us a thing or three. He’s intelligent, funny, and all round awesome, so check the episode and his links below.

Robert Darby profile

Download ANP Ep10 Pt1 Robert Darby

Also I mention news about some activities from Anton A Hill, the Atheist Asshole, who is hosting YouTube chats with very cool guests. And Reap Paden, host of Reap Sow Radio and The Angry Atheist, who is looking for possible donations (something I don’t remember him ever asking for before) to help him out as he battles a corporate bully. Their links are at the bottom.


Dumbed Down Atheist on Spreaker:

Dumbed Down Atheist on iTunes:


Dumbed Down Atheist on Stitcher:


Robert Darby on YouTube:


Other News

Anton A Hill on YouTube:


Reap Paden on The Angry Atheist:


Reap Paden on Reap Sow Radio:


2 Replies to “Apostasy Now Ep10 Pt1 Robert Darby: Warlord of the Dumbed, Down, and Atheist”

  1. I think it should be noted Mr Darby’s humor is not for everyone, only people with class and lacking an object up their ass. (notice rhyme) Thanks for the shoutout BTW


    1. Lol. Thanks for rhyming btw. That’s a comment that goes the extra mile. As for shout outs, np. Kick that monster’s arse 😉


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