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Apostasy Now Ep 29: Tombstone Da Deadman Goes Cosmic!

Tombstone drops in for a great conversation that is fun and really runs the gambit. You need to check this guy out! He has a new album out and we bring you a taste along with a chance to hear

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Apostasy Now Ep 28: #GamerGate – Bravo Team: Damion Reinhardt & Brian Allen

Another meeting of minds to trade ideas surrounding #GamerGate and related social issues. Damion (D4M10N) Reinhardt and Brian Allen drop by and conversation ensues! [audio] Download Ep 28 Twitter: @D4M10N Blog: Storify: Podcast:     Twitter: @apartmentj Podcast

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Apostasy Now Is Now On Stitcher!

Click here to link to Apostasy Now on Stitcher  

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Apostasy Now Ep 27: #GamerGate – Team Alpha

This episode SubMan USN, Terry Sacrey, Anton A Hill, and John Bullock drop by to discuss the social battles surrounding gaming culture. With dubious standards for journalists and publishers alike, and media generally propping up the professional victims, it appears

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Pakman vs Wu: Symphony of the Borderline Personality

Late October 2014 David Pakman asks Brianna Wu a few relevant questions on the David Pakman Show. In return Wu introduces David to the fury of the SJW ideologue and gives a crash course demonstration of Borderline Personality Disorder.  

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