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ANP Ep 66: Ed Clint – Evolutionary Psychology, Final Answer

Ed Clint came by to fill us in on some skeptical perspectives and, of course, the field of evolutionary psychology! He is a solid mind on a host of issues and, though respectful collected, doesn’t shy away from pointing out

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Mr Dragonbeard 135 Dumbed Down Atheist Apoc-ast | Dumbed Down Atheist Podcast | Spreaker

MrDragonbeard is invited to chat by Australia’s very own Robert Darby. We have a 3 hour talk about the wide rot in the atheist community by proponents of identity politics.

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Apostasy Now Ep 28: #GamerGate – Bravo Team: Damion Reinhardt & Brian Allen

Another meeting of minds to trade ideas surrounding #GamerGate and related social issues. Damion (D4M10N) Reinhardt and Brian Allen drop by and conversation ensues! [audio] Download Ep 28 Twitter: @D4M10N Blog: Storify: Podcast:     Twitter: @apartmentj Podcast

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