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ANP Ep 73 – Thomas Westbrook – Holy Koolaid

Another great guest, Thomas Westbrook, talks with us about why he questions claims and authority. His channel Holy Koolaid is fun animation combined with intellectual substance. We highly recommend checking it out (links down below) and we’d like to thank

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ANP Ep 66: Ed Clint – Evolutionary Psychology, Final Answer

Ed Clint came by to fill us in on some skeptical perspectives and, of course, the field of evolutionary psychology! He is a solid mind on a host of issues and, though respectful collected, doesn’t shy away from pointing out

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Apostasy Now Ep 57: Michael Shermer – Skepticism Without A Safespace

Two weeks ago we had the joy of hanging out with Michael Shermer, a very well known advocate of science and skepticism. We asked him about his book The Moral Arc and did a wee bit of stepping on the

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Tombstone Concert Minisode – Not Much Time Left!

Tombstone Da Deadman returns to let us know about his amazing concert coming up. It sounds awesome, so listen to the short minisode and remember to head over to the Indiegogo page for Celestial Wars! When science meets hip hop,

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