Apostasy Now Ep 57: Michael Shermer – Skepticism Without A Safespace

Two weeks ago we had the joy of hanging out with Michael Shermer, a very well known advocate of science and skepticism. We asked him about his book The Moral Arc and did a wee bit of stepping on the toes of cry bullies. No trigger warnings, just the facts.

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ANP Ep 57 - Michael Shermer

The Skeptic Society:


The Moral Arc (book and audio book):


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Greydon Square (Episode 54) seriously injured his knee during sports and requires surgery. If you can help him cover some of the costs please visit:

2 Replies to “Apostasy Now Ep 57: Michael Shermer – Skepticism Without A Safespace”

  1. Regarding the discussion of free speech, I wanna say that although private organizations are not obligated by law to provide a platform, in some cases it would be unethical – despite legal – to censor. A magazine is quite different from a restaurant or a website. Magazines are by design one-way info dispensaries, a restaurant is a place where people want to relax and eat food. Websites such as youtube and facebook however are often utilized as platforms for debate so even though they are private corporations, they do have an ethical obligation to protect user’s free speech despite not being required by law.

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