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The Mayor Of Crack Cocaine (tribute to Rob Ford)

Download “The Mayor Of Crack Cocaine” mp3 Rob Ford is a total scumbag. This is a dance song in response to a host at Radio FreeThinker podcast out of BC declaring we should not judge Rob Ford for using crack.

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Apostasy Now Ep7: Adam Lolacher’s War On PTSD

Apostasy Now podcast ep 7 with Adam Lolacher Download Apostasy Now Ep7 with Adam Lolacher Adam has written a short film screen play that is about to be produced called “Fought and Forgotten”. It will be a journey through the

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Apostasy Now, Ep 6: Rene Chouinard and the Tale of the Bible Pushers

MrDragonbeard and Smashlock welcome guest Rene Chouinard, a Canadian Freethinker who successfully challenged the public school board’s right to allow bibles to be distributed to fifth graders. Find out how the Human Rights Tribunal works, and much more! With a

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