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Apostasy Now Ep 13 Amanda Metskas – Camp Quest

This episode Amanda Metskas drops in to talk about Camp Quest, a kids camp that encourages critical reasoning skills along with all the camp fun! It sounds awesome and even if you do not have kids consider how you might

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Apostasy Now Ep12 Godless Glen – The YouTube Interlude

Godless Glen is a blunt but considered YouTube content creator and all around concerned human being. Bull shit gets repelled and bad attitudes cracked by this capital A atheist. Plenty to entertain and discuss! Download Ep12 Godless Glen’s YouTube Channel:

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Post Rapture Looting » PRL 88 – Mr Dragonbeard of Apostasy Now Podcast

My guest appearance on Post Rapture Looting, a favorite podcast of mine. Check it out.I think many of you will like these guys!

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