Apostasy Now EP 76 – COVID Apocalypse Special!

Smashlock and Dragonbeard come out of retirement on the eve of humanities destruction. Recorded May 3rd this talk is about the COVID hysteria as the more recent riots hadn’t even hit yet!

Intro music – “12 monkeys beat MPC1000 cut” (remix of theme music for “12 Monkeys” 1995)


News clips of Ethiopia human rights violations: https://youtu.be/uM5Xo66T5uE


COVID-19 death rate stats re age groups


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Video version of ANP Ep 75: Raymond Wallace – No Sense Being Miserable

Our audio podcast version coming soon!

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ANP Ep 74 – Justin Vacula: Stoicism

We were happy to have Justin back on the program recently. He’s been busy disciplining himself in the philosophy of Stoicism and helping others to understand what it means, how to apply it. Take a listen, it may be something you find compelling. And check the links below to learn even more.

Download Ep 74

Justin’s web page:


How To Be A Stoic blog by Massimo Pigliucci:


Stoicism Facebook group:


Stoicon 2017:


Modern Stoicism:



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ANP Ep 73 – Thomas Westbrook – Holy Koolaid

Another great guest, Thomas Westbrook, talks with us about why he questions claims and authority. His channel Holy Koolaid is fun animation combined with intellectual substance. We highly recommend checking it out (links down below) and we’d like to thank Ashley Williams for requesting we have Thomas on the show.

Download 73

Thomas’ channel Holy Koolaid:


Holy Koolaid website:


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ANP Ep 72: Mark Tordai – Diversity Of Thought and Skepticism

We finally have our new computer and will be picking up the podcasting pace as everything is converted from Mac to Windows. Soon we shall rule this puny planet!


This episode Mark Tordai pops on to have a frank discussion about the atmosphere in much of the secular communities. In particular those skeptics, atheists, etc that feel unwelcome and that are tired of speakers and boards being nearly entirely politically left. Whether or not you identify as such I think you’ll find value in the issues we go through.

Download Ep 72

Find Mark on Instagram:



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ANP Ep 71 – Karen Garst: Women Beyond Belief

Welcome back to the apostate celebrating nexus, this time Karen Garst talks to us about her new book Women Beyond Belief! Women telling their stories and sharing perspectives of leaving their various religious faiths and communities. We discuss her own motivations for the book as well as speaking to groups and her website content, plus more general principles in life and society. Glad she came by!

Download Ep 71

Karen’s home site:


One place to buy her book Women Beyond Belief:







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(Soundcloud Episode) Smash and Dragon Trying Out Our New Microphones

We decided to ramble about controversial issues while trying our new mics! This is not a regular Apostasy Now episode but an one from MrDragonbeard’s soundcloud track list.

Download soundcloud episode

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ANP Ep 70: Bill Ligertwood – Imagine No Religion 7

The founder and organizer of Imagine No Religion 7, a secular retreat, Bill Ligertwood joins us to talk about all the amazing guests lined up this year! Like Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins! Usually on the Canadian west coast, this year it will be in Toronto Ontario which allows bums like us to attend! Listen in and get your tickets now, Links below:

Download Ep 70

Imagine No Religion 7 website (info and tickets):


On Facebook:


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Our First Animated Video! Evil Clones Save The World!

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ANP Ep 69 Part 2: Simon Wright – Over The Top In Your Face Down Under

The mucho anticipated finale of Simon Wright’s crash course on all things politically incorrect! Tune in and rip your nob off! (That’s an old radio thing)

Download Ep 69 Pt 2

Simon Says on Facebook:

Simon on Twitter:

Simon’s Podcast:


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