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Apostasy Now Ep 45: Janice Fiamengo – Free Speech Under Siege

Our guest is Professor Janice Fiamengo from the University of Ottawa Canada, a rational and brave champion of free speech on University campuses. In spite of the fact that university should be the very place to debate differences of perspective

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Apostasy Now Ep 44: Emery Emery – Emery Which Way But Loose

If you haven’t heard of Emery Emery you’ll be happy to do so now. He’s a multitask man in the realm of entertainment and has two excellent podcasts with co-host Heather Henderson, Ardent Atheist and Skeptically Yours. He’s smart, funny,

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Apostasy Now Ep 43: Chris Webber – Paranormal Skeptic Academy

Chris Webber haunts the show with tales of the ridiculous ghost hunting programs that currently possess the TV. His methods of exorcism revolve around simple everyday explanations for scary crap and exposing the ever declining standards of charlatanry. So grab

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