Apostasy Now Ep 43: Chris Webber – Paranormal Skeptic Academy

Chris Webber haunts the show with tales of the ridiculous ghost hunting programs that currently possess the TV. His methods of exorcism revolve around simple everyday explanations for scary crap and exposing the ever declining standards of charlatanry. So grab your EKG meter and I’ll slather my body up with fresh ectoplasm, let’s smash our faces on truth rather than the TV this week.

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ANP Ep 43 - Chris Webber


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2 Replies to “Apostasy Now Ep 43: Chris Webber – Paranormal Skeptic Academy”

  1. Thanks for the interview with Chris Webber. I enjoyed his CWebb Sunday School, but since I have zero interest in ghost hunting, I didn’t download any of his PSA shows until recently. I was curious what he’d been doing with himself since I last heard a podcast of his. By the sixth episode, I felt I’d heard everything there was to hear and didn’t bother with any more.

    This isn’t a knock on Mr. Webber, whose professionalism and dedication is apparent in every episode. However, even his excellent shows couldn’t spark any interest in me about the topic.

    I hope he does well and has lots of listeners, but one of them won’t be me.


    1. Thanks for listening! The great thing about podcasts is the great variety of interests you can choose from. Chris Does put out excellent work


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