Apostasy Now Episode 3: Rape Bad, Reason Good

Mini-sode of The Convention Junkies! While traveling to another convention Matt, Richard, P, and Becky decide to stop for a drink…

(Skip to 3:45 if you think the bit sucks)

Apostasy Now Podcast Ep3 direct link

This week we run over a few happenings in the world that seem to be challenging some people’s perspectives.

– Two stories out of Canada about keeping religion out of school



– Sunday Assembly continues to expand to meet the community type needs of more secularists, atheists, etc


– Does Richard Dawkins promote pedophilia? (facepalm)

a good representative example of quote mined, biased dribble http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/09/richard-dawkins-pedophilia_n_3895514.html

a favoured rebuttal from Reap Paden http://atheiststoday.com/blogs/reapercussions/?p=365

– a good deal of discussion about education, critical reasoning, and more

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