ANP Ep SUPER 69 Pt 1 – Simon Wright – Simon Says News

Our Australian podcasting friend Simon Wright dropped by to share his experiences in life and perspectives on strange human beliefs. His show is on Spreaker (link below) and has gone through several manifestations, the latest being co-hosted by personalities emerging from Simon’s own dark mind! It’s a fun time!

Download Ep ***69*** part 1


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Simon Wright’s Podcast Lyrics (Gilligan’s Island)

Just Sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
In which we take no shit
That started in Australia
Which is our planet’s tit.

Simon was a Quran mocking man,
and Baza no one’s fool,
Four bastards set sail each day
To call out manure, without the demure.

The climate started getting dumb,
Middle fingers getting tossed,
Simon Wright told the fucking PC cops
That they could all get lost, they could all get lost.

The podcast set down on the toes of whiners as they cried,
Shouting Fuck off!
And get bent too,
Suck me cock and go die!
So terrorists,
bleeding hearts and Islamists
All fear Simon Says podcast!

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