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Harris Vs Hitchens: Single Issue Voter Anthem (Music)

Harris ventured to argue that Hitchens would probably vote for Hillary Clinton this recent US Presidential election and pivoted on the idea any rational person could not be a single issue voter. Here is a response. Download Harris Vs Hitchens

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Smash and Dragon Ramble – How Hitchens voted

This is a new video series of our ramblings on our YouTube channel:  

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Listen And To Hear – Christopher Hitchens on Free Speech (music)

Download: Listen And To Hear I was inspired to compose a musical tribute to some of the most powerful words spoken by the late Christopher Hitchens. The argument for free expression.

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Apostasy Now Ep 24 – John And Zoe of the Anti-Social Justice Podcast: ANP and ASJP Sitting in a Tree…

After my 7 minute intro piece prepare for serious matters to be tackled in a humorous stride. John Bullock and Zoe Jen of the Anti-Social Justice Podcast stopped by and I know you’ll find them both thoughtful and hilarious. Because

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