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ANP Ep 55 – Fede A: Thinking It Through

Fede likes to break down ideas and arguments to see if they really make sense, and then pop it up on YouTube for our consideration. We had a great chat about all of those things most people try not to

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Apostasy Now Ep 54: Greydon Square – Omniverse, Type 3!

Greydon Square is a phenomenal Rap artist that just dropped an incredible album: Omniverse, Type 3! It’s at least twice the content of a regular album and Dragonbeard’s head is still swimming in it. Get a taste, along with a

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ANP Ep 53 – Honey Badgers Brigade’s Alison Tieman & Karen Straughan

A very interesting talk with two brilliant women that hold the line against assumptions about men as violent and women as victims. Our discussion ranges quite a bit including some clarification on the Badgers being wrongfully removed from the Calgary

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Apostasy Now Luve Stream #2

Dragonbeard chats with: Lee Moore Damion Reinhardt Karn33333 Reap Paden Brian Allen Terry Sacrey

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Apostasy Now Ep 52: DrRandomercam – YouTube With A Dash Of Logic

The Doctor of Droll is in, and his name be Randomercam! We had an interesting chat but you should really check out his channel on YouTube when you’re done listening. He takes foolish drama queens and hilariously grinds them down.

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Apostasy Now Live Stream #1

  We’re planning on having an additional live show on YouTube every other week on our YouTube channel. Random assortments of awesome guests to discuss whatever we decide is of interest, usually revolving around current trends and events. Uber funs!

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criTICal – Inspired by John Cleese: the latest musical creation from MrDragonbeard

John Cleese isn’t just witty, he’s extremely intelligent. His experience and insights got me to creating one night… (his new autobiography is called “So Anyway…” Download criTICal John Cleese’s autobiography:

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Apostasy Now Ep 51: Armin Navabi – Atheists Are Not Alone!

Armin Navabi grew up Muslim but became an apostate and now works to build a better world for everyone. A spokesman for atheism, he also takes on all manner of issues from an enlightened and humanistic perspective. He founded the

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Apostasy Now Ep 50: Heather Henderson – Doing Skepticism, Emphasis On The DOING

Heather Henderson is so talented! She is a singer, an actor, a producer, podcaster, and smart as hell. Take a bit to get to know one of skepticisms shining gems! Special guest host Terry Sacrey! Download Ep 50! Skeptically Yours:

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Apostasy Now Ep 49 Part 2: Brian Keith Dalton – The Second Coming!

Rejoice, oh ye listener, for Mr Deity hath returned in the conclusion of our no holds barred talk! Check the links and his great work! Download Ep 49 part 2 Mr Deity webpage: Mr Deity on YouTube: Mr

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