Apostasy Now Ep 54: Greydon Square – Omniverse, Type 3!

Greydon Square is a phenomenal Rap artist that just dropped an incredible album: Omniverse, Type 3! It’s at least twice the content of a regular album and Dragonbeard’s head is still swimming in it. Get a taste, along with a bit of an idea of the enlightened mind that created it. Atheist, skeptic, artist… straight out of the #GU, Transintellectual!

Download Ep 54

ANP Ep 54 - Greydon Square

Greydon Square’s site:


Greydon’s YouTube Channel:


Greydon has seriously injured his knee during sports and requires surgery. If you can help him cover some of the costs please visit:

Greydon on Facebook:


Greydon on Twitter:


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