Apostasy Now Ep 24 – John And Zoe of the Anti-Social Justice Podcast: ANP and ASJP Sitting in a Tree…

After my 7 minute intro piece prepare for serious matters to be tackled in a humorous stride. John Bullock and Zoe Jen of the Anti-Social Justice Podcast stopped by and I know you’ll find them both thoughtful and hilarious. Because of the time difference they stayed up into the ungodly hours and therefore did not require great sums of alcohol for our chat to amuse them. Thanks to both of them, maybe we’ll be on one of their shows down the road 😀

Check their links below! They have a great show!

[audio http://archive.org/download/ANPEp24JohnAndZoeASJP/ANP%20Ep%2024%20-%20John%20and%20Zoe%20-%20ASJP.mp3]

Download Ep 24


Anti-Social Justice Podcast homepage


John Bullock Twitter


Zoe Jen Twitter


Bonus: John’s Storify page on the crazies


2 Replies to “Apostasy Now Ep 24 – John And Zoe of the Anti-Social Justice Podcast: ANP and ASJP Sitting in a Tree…”

    1. I see the MRM as diverse like any movement. I support it’s goals at large but I acknowledge it comes with rough edges. I would challenge any exaggeration that it’s filled with misogynists etc. There are some unsavory elements but most make the case on solid human rights issues. If you know of a public MRA that might be on our show let me know. I’d be willing to talk and hear them out.
      Btw, you might enjoy our episode with Erin Pizzey


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