Apostasy Now Ep 15 – Erin Pizzey: Challenging Assumptions About Domestic Violence

Erin Pizzey is a remarkable activist for victims of domestic abuse. In 1971 she organized the first shelter for women who had no place to turn but in doing so faced an uphill battle with feminists. Her story will challenge much of the narrative we have been taught about how abuse occurs, why it happens, and the rational effective approach to reducing this scourge. She is an author and I have linked her work and more in the show notes.

This episode I expose an unusual amount of my own life events in the hope that it might contribute to this painful conversation. I tried to keep it appropriate.

Erin Pizzey
Erin Pizzey

ANP Ep 15 Erin Pizzey

Erin Pizzey Inside Women's Refuge
Erin Pizzey Inside Women’s Refuge

Erin Pizzey Website


Erin Pizzey’s Memoires: This Way To The Revolution


Erin Pizzey’s Keynote address in Toronto June 6-7


A Voice for Men


Andy Man YouTube Channel (many good videos about Erin Pizzey)


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