Apostasy Now Ep 37: Dean Esmay – Another Good Man Often Called A Bad Guy

This episode I speak with Dean Esmay, Managing Editor of A Voice for Men, about issues revolving around misconceptions of men, masculinity, and how skepticism finds value when it is most difficult to apply. Some of my own struggles with the family court bureaucracy come up and criticisms of the role ideological forms of feminism play in these problems. Dean is an interesting person and I hope you will listen and hear him out even if you disagree with him. Or with me for that matter! Below are some useful links.

Download Ep 37

Dean Esmay
Dean Esmay

A Voice for Men (AVfM):


AVfM’s main YouTube channel (Paul Elam’s)


Dean on Twitter


Alison (artist blacklisted by ExpoCanada, our version of ComicCons, for her social views) speaks


Erin Pizzey’s appearance on Apostasy Now


Michael Shermer’s course “Skepticism 101” (excerpt used in introduction)


Reap Paden Relocation Funding *correction from show: anyone wanting to help Reap until his first pay at his new location, about 2weeks from now, can send it through PayPal as Reap currently has no access to the web*
Send money to account ourlord_darwin@yahoo.com


Anton A Hill’s interview with Dean


Our Appearance on John Bullock and Zoe Jen’s “Anti-Social Justice Podcast”


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