Apostasy Now Ep 16: Terry Sacrey – Newfoundland’s Voice of Reason

Terry Sacrey is an informed and well thought-out force for rational behaviour. He talks with Smashlock and I about what it is like living as a nonbeliever in Newfoundland, the province most North-Easterly in Canada, as well as many other thoughts that demonstrate that he is an engaged person. He writes, he hosts on Reap Sow Radio, and he connects with other thinkers online. Special thanks to his wife for clearly being such a good humoured person putting up with Terry’s troublemaking friends and letting us have him for a couple hours 😉

Apologies for the first half hour’s worth of the interview having some audio issues, they do clear up but sorry just the same. Check his links below and enjoy the show!


[audio http://archive.org/download/ANPEp16TerrySacrey/ANP%20Ep16%20Terry%20Sacrey.mp3]

Download ANP Ep16

Terry Sacrey
Terry Sacrey


Terry’s site on Tumblr: The Analyzed Atheist


Terry can be heard weekly co-hosting Reap Sow Radio


Terry’s interview on the Atheist Asshole


Terry’s interview on the Angry Atheist


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