ANP Ep 61 Pt 1: Tombstone – The 6th Extinction!

Overdue is a talk with Tombstone da Deadman. As always he’s got plenty of insight and plenty of work he’s been doing. We talk about his latest album, his new subscription service, his YouTube channels, and perspectives on life at large. Links down below!

Download Ep 61 Pt1

ANP Ep 61 pt 1 - Tombstone 6th Extinction

Link to Tombstone’s latest album, The 6th Extinction at Bandcamp:

Tombstone’s new subscription for fans on Bandcamp:

Rational Warrior YouTube channel:

Reaper Legion channel:

Extropy and Entropy Comic on Facebook:

Tombstone’s Previous Appearances on Apostasy Now!

ANP Ep2 (as our very first guest)

ANP Ep8 (Entropic Man)

ANP Mini Episode

ANP Ep29 (Cosmic)

ANP Ep31 (GamerGate group chat)

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