Apostasy Now Ep 32 part 1: Adem Koci – Say Podcasta Non Grata 100 Times Quickly

Be prepared to be wooed and have the pants charmed off of your funny bone by the talented Adem Koci! An Australian gem that makes witty podcast episodes he calls Podcasta Non Grata, a show I regularly listen to. Originally recorded December 16, Adem has been super patient while I got my shit together, only mailing two bombs and an envelope of unidentified white powder. Our talk begins very light but it does move into some serious material. Hope you enjoy and check his links below!

Download Ep 32 part 1

 Adem Koci's Profile Image
Adem Koci’s Profile Image

Podcasta Non Grata:





Twitter ( @PodcastaNon )


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One Reply to “Apostasy Now Ep 32 part 1: Adem Koci – Say Podcasta Non Grata 100 Times Quickly”

  1. wrong. it was THREE bombs. Damn postal service lost one….


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