Apostasy Now Ep 20: AdeKwit – Strong Voice For Reason That’s Only Getting Stronger

AdeKwit is an artist with many sides to his work. He is a Hip Hop artist, YouTuber, and skeptic to name just a few. The discussion goes in many directions including thoughts on how to deal with our religious peers and loved ones, as well as depression from an inside and outside perspective. Some of his music is included but it is just a sample so check the links below and consider supporting this artist. You’ll be glad you did!

[audio http://archive.org/download/ANPEp20AdeKwit/ANP%20Ep20%20AdeKwit.mp3]

Download ANP Ep 20

AdeKwit’s YouTube Channel


Sample and Buy AdeKwit’s Music at Bandcamp


Or at ReverbNation


More at SoundCloud


Check in with him on Facebook


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