Apostasy Now Ep 17: Earl M Wunderli – Author Of “An Imperfect Book” (why Joseph Smith was a Moroni)

Earl M Wunderli joins us to help arm average readers with a revealing examination of the Book Of Moron- I mean Mormon! His painstaking work over the years is invaluable in peeling away the surface claims of the book to demonstrate, from its own internal material, that no divine prophets or angels wrote it. Surprise, it was an old west American bumpkin with a penchant for conning people.

Earl has degrees in philosophy and law from the University of Utah. He retired in 1993 as Associate General Counsel for IBM in Connecticut. He is also a Humanist and very patient at walking ignorant chaps like Smashlock and MrDragonbeard through the labyrinth of Mormon canon.

Earl M Wunderli
Earl M Wunderli
[audio http://archive.org/download/ANPEp17EarlMWunderli/ANP%20Ep%2017%20-%20Earl%20M%20Wunderli.mp3]

Download Episode 17

Link to Earl’s Book “An Imperfect Book”


A number of podcasters, bloggers, and online personalities are also trying to encourage people to consider donating some money to the cause of helping out Reap Paden. Reap is a regular hard working single father who has also spent several years creating online content for the secular, atheist, humanist, skeptic communities with blogs, videos, and podcasts. He has always offered them for free and is not the kind of guy comfortable asking for help but we love Reap and he needs a little of that help right now just for rent and the necessities. Below are links to his shows and to the fund drive set up by Terry Sacrey. Please consider helping a brother down, every little bit helps. Thanks.

Reaping for Rent
Reaping for Rent

Link to Rent Fundraiser for Reap Paden


The Angry Atheist (Reap talks with regular atheists to break down stereotypes)


Reap Sow Radio (Reaps unstructured live program Tuesdays at 8pm)


Modern Satanism (Reap’s attempt to explore what “Satanism” means to different people today)


I also want to say a big thanks to Dr Robert M Price for giving us the heads up on Earl’s book. The following is his home site with access to his many books and to his extensive podcast episodes for The Bible Geek.


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