Apostasy Now Ep 14: Reap Paden – Reaping What We Sow

Reap Paden is a veteran podcaster, atheist, and skeptic. He has two podcasts, Angry Atheist and Reap Sow Radio, and makes appearances on other programs frequently. He is a cool guy, a friend to many, and a dude with standards I can respect. Links are below, I recommend checking him out.


Reap Paden
Reap Paden


download ANP Ep 14

Reap Sow Radio


The Angry Atheist


Reapercussions (Reap’s Blog)


Lyrics to Reap’s theme song

Well I’m just the guy ta give’m hell,

Whenever tempers flare up,

I run my podcasts in my own spare time,

on my dime!

I’ve been attacked but I would not yield,

Struck back with a deaf’ning blow,

I’m good at stompin fools so I don’t mind!

Got skeptic allies here with me,

Exchanging glances,

Defended people from the FTB bullies!

But no matter what I try to do,

While fighting crazies,

All the other sane people sit silently, except me!

Cause my name is Reap Paden,

Don’t tow my fucking car!

Yeah I’m the movement’s fall guy,

Makin Ophi fall apart.

I’ve never spent much time in school,

But I taught theists plenty. Just listen to what science has to say,

cause it pays.

I’ve gotten slurs over falsity,

PZ is a fuckin feltch,

So I’ll call’em on the bullshit that they say!

A hey hey!

Remember it’s Reap Paden,

So bear that shit in mind!

I’m the angry atheist,

Another Reap Sow going live.

If your suffering from psychic dreams,

Or aliens keep callin,

I’m sure there’s therapy that wouldn’t hurt,

I’ll be kurt.

With this stupid shit with no evidence,

And you plus-ers bullshit ballin,

At least my audience ain’t fuckin jerks!

They say hey Reap Paden,

Chatting while online,

We know you the fall guy here,

When shit starts to unwind,

Call up your motley posse,

Al, Terry, even Bry,

I’m the Angry Atheist,

That makes this movement look fine!

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