Apostasy Now Ep11 Michael Sherlock – I Am Christ

Smashlock and MrDragonbeard welcome author Michael Sherlock to the show. We discuss a variety of issues many of which relate to his 3 book series “I Am Christ”, the first two of which are already released. An investigation into who controls popular perceptions of our Christs, how this has happened, and why it matters.


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Michael’s main site

Michael’s Facebook page

One Reply to “Apostasy Now Ep11 Michael Sherlock – I Am Christ”

  1. Just listened to the Michael Sherlock podcast and the band that originally did the “Dear God” song was XTC. I consider myself to have an extremely short attention span, so when I see his books are over 500 pages, gotta admin, it scares me off, but then when I hear him chat and see how inexpensive his books are, I’ll be purchasing shortly.


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