Apostasy Now: Episode 1, Let’s Get Crackin

From Aug 25 2013

Apostasy Now Podcast ep1

This episode Mr Dragonbeard goes solo and brings you:

– Persecution news from Saudi Arabia, Russia, and global execution statistics

– Some good news from Canada for separation of religion and state

– Sizzling track from skeptical Tombstone Da Deadman

– My take on a Mr Daddy-pants atheist in my “You’re Embarrassing Yourself” segment

– Etc…

Washington Post “In Saudi Arabia, Whips For Words” Aug

The Guardian “Death Penalty Statistics, Country by Country” Apr 12 2013

The Globe and Mail “Canada to Favour Refugee Claims by Gay Russians” Aug 12 2013

Tombstone Da Deadman

Tombstone Da Deadman
Tombstone Da Deadman

Atheist, Skeptic, Your new favourite rapper. The track played is “Ballad of the Non-Believer” from his latest album “Death Lives”




The Freethinker “Atheist Forces Change in Policy Over the Distribution of Gideon Bibles in Canadian Schools” Aug 24 2013


Brave Hero with Justin Vacula and Karla Porter

This is a link to the David Silverman interview, Listen to it in its entirety to form your own opinion:


Skeptically Yours with Emery Emery and Heather Henderson

This is a link to the more recent Silverman interview. Listen for any signs that this is an actual skeptic.


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